It all started during X-mas 2008 when the inventor of X-brush, Ulla Edsköld Ramstedt, was going to paint her nails to go to a party. She opened the bathroom cabinet and found not two but 6 half full nail polishes in the same colour. She took the first nail polish and started tip and dip to get some nail polish on the brush.

The story of X-BRUSH

Ulla Edsköld Ramstedt
CEO / Founder

The inventor of X-brush.

It was a bit of dipping and tipping going on to get the polish on the brush. Finally done with the first hand she went on to paint the second hand finding herself destroying the polish that was painted on the first hand..She had to start all over. When the same thing happened the second time around she shouted out “Why can´t I extend the brush like I turn a lipstick?”
The idea of an extendable nail polish brush was born and became the X-BRUSH.

X-brush solves the problem of throwing away half full nail polish!

Approximately XX half full nail polish are thrown away every year making an enormous impact on the environment. Stop throwing away your money and spare the environment and still look fabulous!


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